With this little tool it is possible to open and display Konqueror web archive format. This format is used by the Konqueror web browser and file manager to save complete web sites including images. This is similar to Apples web archive format used by Safari. In contrast to the latter the Konqueror web archive can be opened by any modern operating system: It is nothing else than a gzip-tar-archive with the adapted web content inside, mainly an index.html file and corresponding images. Therefore any system with the tar utility installed is capable to open and display the contents of the war archive. The use of such a non-proprietary format is a big advantage. In these days an Apple Macintosh computer is able to run at least three different operating systems, with the appropriate software all of them at the same time: Mac OS X, various Linux systems and Windows XP/Vista. So the war archive can be shared easily, at least between Mac OS X and Linux. As a side effect the generated war files generally are smaller in size because of its compressed nature.


Mac OS 10.3 and above. A webbrowser.


The installation is quite easy. Simply copy the application to any place on your drive that is convenient for you.


After installation open any war archive by double click it within the Finder or use the Finder Open-command. The default browser will be opened which isn't necessarily Safari.

SafariWar is faceless application, so there is no user interface nor a Dock icon. That's not necessary because there is no user interaction nor any settings.

The program contains a Spotlight importer. With this plugin Spotlight is able to index war archives and search in them.

Known problems

The war extension for the Konqueror web archive format collides with the same extension for SUNs Java web archive format. The latter has already a mime type and has nothing to do with the Konqueror archive format.




If you have any suggestions or bug reports or want to make a donation feel free to contact me under the following email address (replace AT and DOT with the corresponding characters):

safariwar AT maciteasy DOT de